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on Sunday, 09 September 2018. Posted in Local News, Community News

Can you help?

In our quest to provide information to the community, we spend hours trawling through the internet including Facebook and it is truly staggering how much we miss. Out of date business listing and missed events like pub quizzes and karaoke nights etc, it can be a struggle at times.

Something that we felt was important to share was a “Just Giving” page we stumbled across.

With more and more defibrillators popping up all over the place, these small devices can be life-changing. When you hear, how the quick reactions of someone who knows the whereabouts of one of these devices and the mere fact that they are becoming more readily available, you get to understand how, having one nearby, can have such an impact on people’s lives. Not just those who are in need of medical treatment but also those of their family and friends.

There is currently a Just Giving” page set up to raise the funds to install a defibrillator outside the Druid Inn, Gorsedd. Many people from across the community will have frequented the pub and to have one at a well-known landmark could be essential to the local community.

Druid Inn Gorsedd

All contribution will no doubt be welcomed by those running the campaign. The link to the "Just Giving" page is HERE

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